Welcome to the last bastion of humanity.

Proteus: Fate of Humanity

Proteus is a cross-genre tabletop roleplaying game set on a distant planet – humanity’s new home.

Following the destruction of Earth, the remaining survivors found refuge on the world of Ortellum. Claiming ancient, abandoned cities as their own, they began to rebuild their civilization and form partnerships with the native races – many of whom are still struggling to recover from centuries of war and isolation. Unfortunately disaster struck again, threatening to nearly destroy mankind a second time and all but eliminating the use of technologies humanity had long taken for granted. Now, the children of Earth are working to start again while also hoping to avoid repeating the mistakes of the past. As humanity explores its new home, it will uncover new opportunities, new secrets, and new dangers.

The unique setting of Proteus allows for a diverse range of gameplay styles, sharing elements of post apocalyptic, science fiction, horror, and fantasy genres. Player characters can undertake adventures of all kinds as they explore the game world – and change it.

 The Setting

How will humanity deal with the loss of Earth, the discovery that we are not alone in the universe, and a cataclysmic disaster that all but wiped out the use of electricity? And what of those humans that have begun to exhibit strange and powerful abilities? Are they a threat to the rest of humanity – or an opportunity? These are just some of the questions you will explore in the Proteus setting.

In many ways, Proteus can be thought of as a post-apocalyptic game – though humanity has arguably suffered two world-changing disasters, as if one wasn’t enough. The Earth is gone, and the generation of humans currently coming into power were too young when they left their original home to remember much of it. This is just one of many issues continuing to create tension through human culture as different elements of society vie for power and make sense of humanity’s new place in the universe.

Science fiction elements are also present through the game world. Ortellum is a planet many light-years from Earth and is populated by a seemingly impossible menagerie of life. At least a half dozen different sentient species call the planet home, to say nothing of the host of flora and fauna that would be sure to give Darwin himself nightmares. As science struggles to understand how such a variety of life could exist on one planet, human explorers are just beginning to realize that the gods believed in by the native races may well have walked the surface of Ortellum’s past.

War and isolation were dominant themes of the Ortellan species until fairly recently, and most of them would be considered technologically primitive by Earth standards. Of course, much of what remains of human civilization is not much more advanced. Powerful and frightening creatures are rumored to exist in many parts of Ortellum, though mankind has so far encountered very few of them. All of these elements combine in Proteus to make it possible to explore themes and game styles normally associated with fantasy or horror genres.

Whether you’re looking for combat, exploration, intrigue, horror, or investigation, Proteus and the world of Ortellum have something to offer you. OrtellumGlobe_750

  Setting Features

  • Explore a strange new world with vast opportunities for discovery and adventure.
  • Play as a human or one of several native Ortellan species, each with their own unique culture.
  • Learn about the events that shaped the planet – and the ancient prophecies of things to come.
  • Encounter fantastic and terrifying beings – and other things that defy explanation.
  • Experiment with different genres and styles of play – all within the same setting.
  • GM toolkit that let’s you easily adjust scenarios to fit the style most enjoyed at your gaming table.

PoweredbyFate_Light_300x150  System

Proteus is being written to utilize the Fate Core system. With its emphasis on story and characters, combined with the flexibility to enable detailed combat and other forms of conflict, Fate is a natural choice for Proteus. Fate is also very much a toolkit that begs to be customized to the needs of your chosen setting, and we will be leveraging that aspect of the system to tailor it for the setting and style of gameplay we want for Proteus.

  System Features

  • Powered by Fate Core – a flexible and powerful tabletop roleplaying system with a vibrant community.
  • Customized with a focus on immersion and long-term play.
  • Create characters that are grounded in the game world, with easily generated backstories that give characters real depth, histories, and relationships.
  • Characters exist in the game world, not just the current adventure. Use downtime to determine what happens to your character between sessions.
  • Improved parity between the physical and psychological. Death and other forms of physical danger aren’t the only risks to characters in Proteus, and psychological effects don’t have to be limited to fear and the mental traumas of combat. Your character’s beliefs and motives can change and be changed by others.
  • Enhanced immersion through increased realism. While not approaching anything close to true simulationism, Proteus does try to turn the realism dial up a notch from vanilla Fate Core.
  • Expanded explanations and guidance for many situations and rules that already exist in Fate Core. Many concepts that are well known in the Fate community are not immediately obvious from just reading the Fate rules, which can sometimes present additional challenges to new players. Proteus will include additional information in many areas to help players get comfortable with the system as quickly as possible.

The Earth as we knew it is gone. Some among us have never even laid eyes on their native planet. The same technologies that allowed humanity to take its first steps among the stars also proved to be the means by which we destroyed our home.

Here on Ortellum – our adopted planet and new home – we nearly finished the job. We waged war and rushed to exploit new discoveries without fully comprehending their dangers. Our civilization has fallen, not once but twice.

We have also learned that we are not alone. Many different peoples call this world home, and they too have struggled with war and loss. Before we humans landed at Planetfall, most of this world’s inhabitants lived in isolated cities, traveled little, and were concerned with little more than their survival.

But we are not without hope. We have pulled together and found ways to adapt. We have formed friendships with many of the Ortellan natives – the Seitarin, the Lanaari, the Melkar, even the Raagon. We have taken great cities forgotten by time and made them our own, and we have forged dozens of new settlements as well. We have walked among the ancient places of this world, and we continue to push the boundaries of exploration.

As we mark the anniversary of our arrival on our new home, we must remember the past – and we must learn from it. We must continue to work within one another, to help one another, and to lift one another up. We must join with our Ortellan friends as they work to reclaim their world, and in doing so in a spirit of cooperation and friendship, we will make this our world as well.

The journey will not be brief, and it will not be easy. But as history has shown us time and again, humanity is never stronger than when faced with a challenge. We will learn, we will adapt, and we will overcome.

William McKenna, speaking in New Avalon on the 23rd anniversary of Planetfall



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Getting Started

Download a free quickstart PDF designed to introduce you to the rules and setting of Proteus.

We plan to release at least two different quickstart options. Both will include the basic rules and an introductory adventure on the world of Ortellum. As with most RPG quickstarts, one will include a set of pregenerated characters so that players can jump straight into the action. The other will incorporate elements of the character creation system from the core rulebook directly into an adventure. This will give new players a taste of creating their own characters in Proteus while still allowing them to experience the game with minimal prep time.


Get the Game

Pick up the Core Rulebook containing all the rules and setting information you need to play the game.

The core rulebook will contain the complete Fate Core rules, customized for Proteus. Nothing else will be required for play – save some dice, paper, and pencils.

The core rulebook will also contain extensive information on the world of Ortellum to help you get your bearings and immerse yourself in the setting. Of course, there will still be plenty of opportunities to introduce your own ideas and locations to the setting and make it your own.


Choose Your Adventure

Using just the material provided in the core rulebook, you can explore the world of Ortellum and take part in a wide array of adventures. Of course, you can also check out some of our written adventures to experience the ongoing plots and stories within the game world, learn more about the setting, and inspire more ideas for your own adventures.

Plans include an initial lineup of adventures, possibly bundled as a single overarching saga, that each show off a different style or genre of gameplay possible in the Proteus universe.

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