Welcome to humanity's new home...


Welcome to Ortellum.

The world of Ortellum is home to the last remaining humans in the galaxy. On a planet recovering from centuries of war, isolation, and disaster, humanity works alongside the races native to this world to forge a new home.

After escaping an Earth devastated by war, the human race now lives in ancient ruins long since abandoned by those that constructed them. For decades the peoples of this planet sealed themselves off from one another and abandoned the wilderness beyond their cities. Only now have these races begun to emerge from their isolation and venture out into the world once again.

Nothing is easy on Ortellum. Distrust between species is a constant obstacle, and many nations must contend with internal conflict as well. Dangerous creatures, harsh terrain, and the threat of attack from all manner of hostile beings makes travel beyond major settlements risky at best, and only the brave or foolish wander far from the beaten path. Life is hard, and simply surviving can be a challenge. Human civilization has taken a giant step backwards. Electricity, once taken for granted, is available to only small segments of the population, and even then is unreliable. Machinery and manufactured goods are no longer present in most people’s everyday lives. Indeed life for most humans more closely resembles the early 1800s than it does the 22nd century.

Despite all these challenges, amazing changes are taking place. Many species are working and living alongside one another more closely than ever before. Some of the abilities possessed by the native species are astounding, and a small percentage of humans have begun to develop powerful abilities of their own – though whether these talents will prove to be a gift or a curse remains to be seen. Strange and amazing discoveries are made by those willing to seek them out. As you join those struggling to reclaim the planet, you will explore places long forgotten and encounter wonders that defy imagination.



Site Update in Progress
Site Update in Progress
July 5, 2016

We are currently overhauling the website. This will include a significant redesign intended...

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