About base113 Games

My name is Sean McLaughlin, and I started work on the original version of Proteus way back in 2001. The effort to completely overhaul the game and setting began in 2005, when base113 Games was formed. There have been a number of revisions since that time, and the current iteration of the game uses the Fate Core system.

Work is ongoing, and steps are also being taken to prepare for a future Kickstarter project to help fund art and release the game.

The Team

Right now, base113 Games consists of just myself, but I hope to bring a few other people on board to help usher Proteus forward.

This is a project I’m undertaking in my spare time, and I do not currently have the resources to offer any paid positions. However, if anyone is interested in volunteering to join the team, feel free to drop me an email.